2012 PURE FORM CD digipak/download with poster and stickers
blows, deadstar, terex pure, point blank, skins, wreckage  chosen seed, slow release, something fierce, katsu, in dark places, last of the breed, elite, chrono form
pure menace, intravenous, shitter, paralysed, stair 4, element 118, onion jack, xfrontiervanilla, parasite, prime, coma, 319 rip, electric hymn end message, barely alive, is this me, blue man sees red, earl of kennington, blind eyes, holly lodge, more than just a nuisance, onion Jack 2, lozenge, disaster, craze, fidelity
2004/2011 wellcome double CD digipak/download
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OPERATOR un-easy stressed material from the PC machines this is not a professional collection but an assortment of typical material we incorporate into our constructions the pack mostly comprises of heavily processed 2 bar loops at mid tempo, ready to be cut up and rearranged
134 24bit 110bpm C 2bar loops
2010 violently alive CD digipak/download
£5.99 instant download
£8.00 plus shipping
icon, relapse, skull kid, amnesia, blood loss, addiction rising, rise, waste, guided by my fear, extraction, stealth, swollen, you hold me down
CD hardman, global, pure menace, blood rushed to head, blind eyes, too much damage, onion jack ll seque, chew you to bits, sickman, pearly king & queen, cosh boy, onion freak, drive by, sunbeam, EP brain scraper death dive rebuild, defend NTRSN, intro_01, amnesia09_beta.01
2009 CROP [compile] 2 CD digipak/download
roast, infant, global, sick man, defend, heavyweight, T4, depth charge,  unrest, paw,  cosh boy ver2.1, T5 (mono), cubicle, rogue, waste, sammy circle, bleach
2008 SLUG 6 panel CD digipak/download
2007 onion jack iv corrective audio [mini album] download
35 minute long electronic abstraction [10 scenes] pearly king and queen, cosh boy, onion freak, drive by, brains effectively seared, lambeth, all men need the gods, underpass, tyger, sunbeam
2006 filthy white guy CD digipak
high visibility, hardman,  random shift, seven shades of shit,  slur, hey hey,  too much damage, susano  sub_sequence, swerve, dba04, sapphire,  spread needle,  joe smoke
code001 I staggered mentally, hit the pulse code002 step forward, psycho bod saves the world code003 purge, simulate sensual code004 surface and be seen, raise the pulse, rough justice, go talk, great divide code005 all tracks data [mp3], images from 1980-1990 2003-2006
2006 archive 5CD set housed in high visibility boxed format [includes all portion control vinyl]
FULL OUTPUT full set of 6 physical products [all officially released tracks from 2004 - present day] Saving over individual purchases includes as illustrated: PURE FORM wellcome (2 CD’s) violently alive filthy white guy CROP (1CD 1EP) slug
fellow pilgrim - we would prefer you to purchase from this site although material is also available via our bandcamp page, along with full length audio previews.
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